Tactical Urbanism for Change

At the intersection of community organizing, speculative design, and artistic-research these projects showcase the aim to better understand the city while physically and symbolically changing it collectively.

DIY Bike Lanes

This video—as well as my Masters Thesis—talks about how urban collectives use creativity and innovation through DIY urbanism. It also documents the series of urban interventions i co-coordinated to push for the creation of bike-lanes.

Performative video presented at the Performative Urbanism Lab Salon in January 2019.

@TuParabús  (YourBusStop)

Resulting from an action-research process, the design and installation of the 'first and only' bus stop of its kind in Guadalajara, MX—featuring mock-up maps, timetables, and information that bus stops in Mexico should (but don't) have.