Indigenous knowledge and community-building tool

Pirursiivik is a digital tool—a mobile application—designed to share knowledge and create community among diverse stakeholders from Inuit communities in Northern Quebec. The application bridges Western Science and Indigenous Knowledge (language, culture, and politics) and revolves around greenhouse food production and sharing practices.

During 2020, as Lead Research of Mutual Design, i assisted the Makivik Corporation (the legal representative of Quebec’s Inuit) and One Drop Foundation with market and user research, and the design of an application prototype using participatory co-design activities.

As language, culture, identity, and territory intersect with the way Inuit users experience a particular interactive technology, this project required to respect and honour Indigenous ways of knowing (epistemology) and being (ontology) throughout the co-design process, and to implement a decolonial approach to design.

*photographs by Pirursiivik: Greenhouse and Social Arts Project in Inukjuak facebook group.